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Oct 282012

This year’s presidential campaigns featured discussions on firing Big Bird, the unemployment situation in this country, the 47% and the failed campaign promises. But have you thought about where the candidates stand on issues related to human resources and employment law?

In this week’s episode of The Proactive Employer, we’ll be talking with Patricia Trainor about where President Obama and Governor Romney stand on human resources and employment law issues. We’ll talk about the pending “right to know” employee classification regulations under the Fair Labor Standards Act, affirmative action, and the National Labor Relations Board’s reach when it comes to social media policies and employee handbooks. We’ll also talk about what the election results could mean for employers and HR professionals.

This show will air on Thursday, November 1st at 3 PM Eastern / 12 Noon Pacific on BlogTalkRadio.

The show will be available for on-demand listening at The Proactive Employer website, on BlogTalkRadio and via iTunes following the broadcast.


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